The final dusk. 

All the buildings start to fall, 

The sun a black shining ball. 

All the children who were once riled up and gung ho, 

Now their bodies dangle to and fro. 

Mothers and fathers weeping

as they hold their children; blood dripping. 

All those alive filled with dread, 

The sky shines vibrantly red. 

Some have embraced their demise, 

Realizing that oblivion has arrived. 

Everyone falls one by one, 

nowhere to hide; nowhere to run. 

Now that everyone is dead, 

This notepad being my only friend. 

No energy to explore and roam, 

Leaving this message; a poem.  

I slowly lay in a state of disarray, 

Watching the smokey black clouds sway. 

My eyes slowly start to close, 

My body being the last in these corpse rows.



Senpai oh Senpai, 

Without you I could die. 

Senpai oh Senpai, 

please do reply. 

Senpai oh senpai, 

Please know the fact that I do try. 

Senpai oh Senpai, 

just tell me: why? 

Senpai oh senpai,

Now I can only sigh. 

Senpai oh senpai, 

Without you I could die.

So Close Yet So Distant. 

It seems weird,

that just a few months ago,

We were so close.

Stuck together like super glue.

The dreams about ruling the world

And rising like a phoenix from the ashes,

All flowing down the drain.

At first, it was just a passing thought.

Assuming that I was overthinking.

I gave you another chance

But you took my trust

And threw it like it was a piece of trash.

You seemed to have found better people,

Abandoning and leaving me.

I still won’t forget,

The fun we had

And the weird chit-chats.

You may not recall them anymore

But I still do.

Still praying for happiness,

Afraid to let you go.

Wishing I could turn back time

To the good old times.

It hurts,

To be so close yet so distant.

-Jahanzaib x

My pulchritudinous friend. 

He has always got my back, 

through thick and thin times. 

Never fails to be there. 

Always there to support me. 

He is the one who I can be myself with. 

A pulchrtudinous person. 

Alluring. Sublime. Imposing. 

Even all these are understatements. 

His intellegince will leave you in awe

And his pun skills and wittiness are just out of this world. 

One of the biggest fangirl ever. 

Have a doubt ? 

Go ask him. 

Surely you won’t be dissappointed. 

The only one who can understand my shizzy jokes. 

He is the reason I am able to survive 

a hell called school. 

I just want him to know that, 

I’ll always be there for you. 

The thought of living without him is like 

Life without Oxygen.


Thank you for always sticking with me, 

Umer aka Jani. ❤️

– Jahanzaib x 

A Crepescular Ray 

Trapped in a dark room, 

Isolated with a broken heart.

Shattered dreams. 

All hope lost.

Tired of everything. 

Then you walked into my life. 

Like a crepescular ray, 

You made my life bright. 

You picked up the pieces of my heart 

And fixed them. 

You gave me a reason, 

A reason to wake up everyday. 

You turned my frowns upside down. 

I cherished every moment we spent together, 

Wishing time would stop whenever we met. 

Like a crepescular ray, 

You made my life bright.

– Jahanzaib x